Top 5 Best Casino of the World 2014

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The Venetian Macao, Macau

1st place goes to The Venetian Macao, an amenity casino beautiful Macau, China. Gambler’s most favorite casino in whole world. There is everything for everyone, even if you are not big fan of casino this casino will make you feel amazing. Approximately its 546,000 sq. feet boasts four themed gaming rooms, hotel suites, and a large entertainment complex making it a glamorous experience.


2nd in the list is The Bellaggio casino opened its doors for the world’s best casino lovers in Las Vegas in 1998. World’s well renowned casino expert Steve Wynn designed it, at a cost of round 88 million dollars. The grand complex have a lot to offer, in terms of its water fountains, exclusive fashion stores, galleries and multiple casinos. Ocean’s eleven the famous Hollywood movie also filmed here.

Bellaggio have more than 200 casino tables, more than 2000 slot machines and many other entertainment stuff like poker room and so on.

Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut

Foxwoods Casino is basically a resort casino, covering approximately 340,000 square feet to welcome worldwide gamblers. It activated its treasure in 1986, operative as a bingo hall. Foxwoods is not only offers an inspiring gambling experience, but also the resort is complete with 5 hotels, a wide restaurant selection and various entertainment activities.

Casino Porte – Macau, China

Interestingly, enough many of the world’s best casinos situated in Macau, China. China also has a great reputation over the internet for its majestic hospitality for Casinos. Many players from around the globe visiting Macau, every year to enjoy their large casinos. Porte covering approximately 270,000 sq. feet. Its amazing structure with the mixture of both cultures including east and west.

Casino-de-Charlevoix, Canada

One of the best name in casino world is “Casino-de-Charlevoix”. Casino-de-Charlevoix start its operating in 1994 and situated at river St. Lawrence. Casino offering many interesting and amazing games such as Poker, roulette, blackjack, mini-baccarat and 800 slots provide the income for the casino.


Tips to Win Video Poker

Video poker is the only game in casino where your luck and smartness can make you a millionaire within no time. Why you have to spend your money on other games, when casino is giving you a real chance to win big with Video Poker.

Unlike many other casino games such as Live Casino, 3D Slot, Table Games, Turbo Bingo, Slot Machines, Video poker gives a real chance to hit a bit jackpot. By practising your favourite game at home free you can polish your skills before you “pay & play”.


Paying Table

First of all learn these tactics to shop smartly. All casinos are showing their odds especially in “Video Poker” so check them smartly and wisely before you start rolling the cards. Like that you don’t need to take chances to spinning the slots reels, when you can learn play with best and heavy odds. Sticking with this basic technique can work wonder for you in your “Video Poker” game.

Choose before Play

There are some certain indication during Video Poker game, where you have to act accordingly and quickly in order to win some good amount of money in any casino. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing at online casino or in house casino.


In casinos statistics you have a chance to learn about their odds, rotations and winning policy. You can also find information regarding the payouts in order to win a big jackpots. So read the statistics with open eyes before you starts playing.

Dancer’s Answers

Each month “Bob Dancer” one of the best video poker expert have some answer question session. In his session he is giving tips, and also replying to some of the most secret questions with their answers.

Check level of your Skills

Choose a game? Ask this to yourself how good you are in it? Do you know how to play with 5-cards, do you also know what card you have to have in your hands what you have to discard? There are many online software related to Poker, Video poker, where you can test your skills level. Play with confidence and win your dream jackpot.

4 Tips to beat the Odds in any Casino

Focus on the Prize

You might won’t find it this problem if you are playing at online casino sitting back at your chair or couch. But if you are playing in walked in casino it might, be careful from the poll dancer and flashy lights and the beauty around you. They are only there to distract your attention from your game. While you were playing, you may not realize how much money you already lose. So always focus on your game and prize, if you want to win something big.

Go Big

Always play big or don’t play at first place. Many online and offline casinos have big jackpots though you find a high bet on them. But with the recommendation of many casino experts/players do recommend to play for a big.

Don’t Stay in Lights

Casinos make the games with the lowest odds the most attractive by aping them up with flashing lights and bright colors. So it’s best to if you are playing it in house casino to stay away from the flashy lights, it can be very easily distract you from your games. Playing online it might not be a problem, but in house always best to stay away from flashy lights if you want to win big.

Buy own drinks

In house casino you have to keep 1 thing always in your mind “Nothing is free”. Each casino has something they call a “player refreshment”. Don’t ever try to take it because at the end you have to pay for it. Drinks are only there to distract your attention towards your game. In house casino if you really want to drink always buy your own drinks.

We always recommended play in an online casino, over the internet you will find many good casino with very high odds. We recommended one of the best casino in Europe Oscar live casino is offering more than 200% bonus upon your first deposit. Sign up free and grab your bonus to play more.

Top 5 tips to win Poker

Don’t exceed your limits

Whenever you starting playing poker, play only poker either you are playing at online casino or walked in casino. Always play what you will have in your hands, don’t exceed your limits. If you are playing and winning, it doesn’t mean that you will win every time. So always play wisely and play whatever you will have in your hands.

Don’t Drink and Play

If you drunk don’t ever try to play any game over the internet or in person. Over the internet there are many stories and article, which people used to drink during games and lost everything. Drinking and gambling though have a very good relation, but if you want to win you have to focus on your game to get some out of it.

Don’t play when you are not feeling good

When you play poker, you cannot discard your bad mood or bad day either. Always play when you are not tired or feeling dizzy, sad or bad. If you are playing and you are not feeling good, always stop your game and go out in fresh air relax yourself and come and play again. If you keep playing without feeling 100% ready, fellow players will sense your mood & take advantage of it.

Keep an eye on the cards

When you first start playing, just play normally and looking around what’s going on and keep an eye on fellow players. But once you will be in the game, it’s incredibly vital to look at what’s going on at the poker table. Keep yourself in the game and also keep monitoring the activity on the poker table.

Pick the right game

As you know in poker there are many games, so first thing first always choose the right games which will match your skills and level. Not only have you wanted to be one of the best at the table, others also playing and sitting on the table just with same thinking to be the best. If you’re making heaps of money at a lower level game, why you want to change your game? This game changing or the hunger to win more and big, can chuck you out the game. So picking and playing with the right game is vital in order to win in poker game.

Top 5 Tips to Win at Online Casino

Online casinos are one of the best form of gambling entertainment, for some players it’s a fun but for some it’s a nightmare if they won’t win.

Hence, if you play your cards, casino or any form of online gambling well. You can win a big prizes and can raise up your bank balance meanwhile enjoying the comfort of the house.

Knowing the right tricks, luck and the timing of the game can provide you some good and quick money in online casinos. Here we have some tips to play in online casino to win one of your favourite game:

Pick your game

Rather than picking random games from online casino and other gambling website. Always try to get to holds with the rules, practice, and understand tricks with 1 or 2 of your favourite games. This approach can become handy and favourable for your winning, and this study work can raise your chance of winning. Especially this formula is one of the best formula to apply in casino slots, 3d slots, slot machines and many other.

Get know your approach

Most of time in all online casinos, it’s easier to win in casino slot with the minor jackpots, as they tend to pay out more commonly. If you are trying to play two games, always choose one with high jackpots and one lower jackpot to strike the balance between big wins and those smaller bonuses that will you and your bank balance healthy and strong to play more. Try to work out on each game and see the odds for the game, approach winning ratio etc.

Take advantage of promotion/offers

Online casinos frequently post latest offers/promotions and even jackpot gifts to keep the interest of their players. So whenever you will find your favourite online casino offering some promotions go for it and don’t hesitate. Now a day’s one of the best casino in Europe is offering some valuable and unique bonuses offer. With you can win 200% bonus upon your first deposit. So Enjoy!

Workout your limits

As we mentioned above you already made a very strong strategy regarding your favourite game. If this won’t work for you on that, then simply consider that today is not your day. Rather than spending more money, review you strategy again and give it some time to play it again.

Quit while you’re ahead

More than 80% people who are playing casino doing the same mistakes, as soon as they are wining one big prize or jackpot. Rather than quit the game for that they play again because they are thinking they will win again, and in this thinking they lose everything. So be strong and play again another time or day and try you luck again.

Top 4 Tips to Win in any Online Casino

Casinos want you to be bet within your worth:

Nearly all Casinos in the world whether they are online Live Casino or offline. They always have same mentality and tricks of the business, they would like to bet within your budget. For example, if you have €50 they would like that you will only with €50. If you play more than your budget and you will spend more money than that means next time you won’t play or visit casino quite often. But if you play within your budget you will come again and Casino and play more.

Casino make a huge impact on the budget:

Although you may lose even a single penny that you came along in the casino or over the internet in live casino, but at the end Casinos are still getting benefits from it.

Many casinos and casino resorts open lately in 2011 and producing one of best services in casino, blackjack and many other games. They are not only providing entertainment, they are also playing a big part in the revenue of many countries as well. Many casino resorts and Casinos creating more jobs for the people, hiring more people for the different jobs.


Make sure to sign up for a player’s card:

If you want to be rewarded you should sign up for Player’s card in your favorite casino. Like that whenever you will go in Casino, they will recognize you immediately also like that they will get to know how much money you spent up till now how often you are coming to play.

Like that you will serve always priorities, so you will enjoy more during your play or stay in casino.

Getting you addicted at the casino is a myth:

All the casinos in the world are working really hard to get you on board with them with different promotions, glamour’s life and many other stuff which will keep you entertain so you will spend more.

Recent research indicates that loud music, flashing lights will force you to bet and play quickly in casinos, not only this stuff will force you to play charming women will also play their part as well. So you will play more and more, even though you are losing everything.

Best Casino Bonus

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Apart from above mentioned bonuses and promotions, oscarlivecasino also giving a VARIABLE BONUS AWARDED BY LUCKY DRAW. Every so often, the casino marketing team will award a variable surprise bonus to several lucky players drawn from the website members. If you are one of the lucky winner, you will have to play 20 times that bonus amount before you can collect.

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Most Favorite Live Casino in Europe

Gambling is one of the world’s most popular and oldest forms of entertainment. Recent researchers have uncovered indication that humans have gambled for thousands of years. Gambling was a popular form of entertainment in the ancient Roman, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations.


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Indeed, many of today’s most popular games are themselves hundreds of year old. Casino, for instance, dates back to the Seventeenth Century, but is played by hundreds and thousands of people online each day. Its millions of fans ensures gambling’s continued survival. It’s not just a hobby; it’s part of our cultural heritage.

This guide principally deals with today’s two most popular online games of chance. Poker is not included in the list since it’s recognized as a game of skill, and not a game of chance.

Lotteries and Lotto are the most common form of gambling by chance across the word. In many governmental states it even organises national or state lotteries. Lotteries and Lotto are purely by chance as one has to write down a particular amount of numbers, and depending on the withdrawn, the player might win from a few Euros to actually hitting the Jackpot.


Slots is one of the easiest forms of gambling by chance, where the player has to create a winning line of same symbols. No guide is required and it is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Slot Machines can be found in bars, pubs, arcades, hotels, restaurants and many other entertainment establishments across the globe. The payouts are usually in cash money depending on the winning combinations based on type and number of symbols matched.

Best Casino UK


Casino is one of the most favourite game in gambling industry of the world, as we can see whole world have one of finest and best online casino, live casino, Poker and so on. According to the recent internet surveys in gambling industry it reveals that Europe also has one of the best Casino’s in the world. We are also hearing soon Pacific Island may also become gambling locations, but on smaller scale.

There might be world’s best name are serving in gambling industry including such big names Bet365, 888 and so on. But we figured out there are only few of the best online and live casinos are around in Europe, one of the best name in online casino industry is OSCARLIVECASINO.COM.

OSCARLIVECASINO.COM is relatively new in casino and gambling industry, but within short period of time oscarlivecasino managed to build a good reputation in this industry. Oscarlivecasino is offering free casino games, latest promotion, most important the most advance and easy payment methods.

Oscarlivecasino has bunch of quite new and exciting games including Live Casino, 3D Slot, Video Poker, Table Games, Turbo Bingo, Slot Machines and many other amazing games for its worldwide casino lovers. At website you can sign up a new account for free make your first payment, here is most amazing and interesting part is of this sign up process is waiting for you and that is as soon as you will make a payment you will get 150% welcome bonus to play more with it.

As we mentioned above about payment method you can submit your funds via different but secure methods including VISA, MASTER CARD, SKRILL, BANK TRANSFER, U KASH, VISA ELECTRON and many others. Oscarlivecasino also offers one of the best 24/7 customer support in English language, if you find any difficulty or any query you can write them an email, phone call and site contact as well. Play more and get 150% bonus upon your deposit and raise your chance to win.