Don’t exceed your limits

Whenever you starting playing poker, play only poker either you are playing at online casino or walked in casino. Always play what you will have in your hands, don’t exceed your limits. If you are playing and winning, it doesn’t mean that you will win every time. So always play wisely and play whatever you will have in your hands.

Don’t Drink and Play

If you drunk don’t ever try to play any game over the internet or in person. Over the internet there are many stories and article, which people used to drink during games and lost everything. Drinking and gambling though have a very good relation, but if you want to win you have to focus on your game to get some out of it.

Don’t play when you are not feeling good

When you play poker, you cannot discard your bad mood or bad day either. Always play when you are not tired or feeling dizzy, sad or bad. If you are playing and you are not feeling good, always stop your game and go out in fresh air relax yourself and come and play again. If you keep playing without feeling 100% ready, fellow players will sense your mood & take advantage of it.

Keep an eye on the cards

When you first start playing, just play normally and looking around what’s going on and keep an eye on fellow players. But once you will be in the game, it’s incredibly vital to look at what’s going on at the poker table. Keep yourself in the game and also keep monitoring the activity on the poker table.

Pick the right game

As you know in poker there are many games, so first thing first always choose the right games which will match your skills and level. Not only have you wanted to be one of the best at the table, others also playing and sitting on the table just with same thinking to be the best. If you’re making heaps of money at a lower level game, why you want to change your game? This game changing or the hunger to win more and big, can chuck you out the game. So picking and playing with the right game is vital in order to win in poker game.