Focus on the Prize

You might won’t find it this problem if you are playing at online casino sitting back at your chair or couch. But if you are playing in walked in casino it might, be careful from the poll dancer and flashy lights and the beauty around you. They are only there to distract your attention from your game. While you were playing, you may not realize how much money you already lose. So always focus on your game and prize, if you want to win something big.

Go Big

Always play big or don’t play at first place. Many online and offline casinos have big jackpots though you find a high bet on them. But with the recommendation of many casino experts/players do recommend to play for a big.

Don’t Stay in Lights

Casinos make the games with the lowest odds the most attractive by aping them up with flashing lights and bright colors. So it’s best to if you are playing it in house casino to stay away from the flashy lights, it can be very easily distract you from your games. Playing online it might not be a problem, but in house always best to stay away from flashy lights if you want to win big.

Buy own drinks

In house casino you have to keep 1 thing always in your mind “Nothing is free”. Each casino has something they call a “player refreshment”. Don’t ever try to take it because at the end you have to pay for it. Drinks are only there to distract your attention towards your game. In house casino if you really want to drink always buy your own drinks.

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