Video poker is the only game in casino where your luck and smartness can make you a millionaire within no time. Why you have to spend your money on other games, when casino is giving you a real chance to win big with Video Poker.

Unlike many other casino games such as Live Casino, 3D Slot, Table Games, Turbo Bingo, Slot Machines, Video poker gives a real chance to hit a bit jackpot. By practising your favourite game at home free you can polish your skills before you “pay & play”.


Paying Table

First of all learn these tactics to shop smartly. All casinos are showing their odds especially in “Video Poker” so check them smartly and wisely before you start rolling the cards. Like that you don’t need to take chances to spinning the slots reels, when you can learn play with best and heavy odds. Sticking with this basic technique can work wonder for you in your “Video Poker” game.

Choose before Play

There are some certain indication during Video Poker game, where you have to act accordingly and quickly in order to win some good amount of money in any casino. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing at online casino or in house casino.


In casinos statistics you have a chance to learn about their odds, rotations and winning policy. You can also find information regarding the payouts in order to win a big jackpots. So read the statistics with open eyes before you starts playing.

Dancer’s Answers

Each month “Bob Dancer” one of the best video poker expert have some answer question session. In his session he is giving tips, and also replying to some of the most secret questions with their answers.

Check level of your Skills

Choose a game? Ask this to yourself how good you are in it? Do you know how to play with 5-cards, do you also know what card you have to have in your hands what you have to discard? There are many online software related to Poker, Video poker, where you can test your skills level. Play with confidence and win your dream jackpot.