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The Venetian Macao, Macau

1st place goes to The Venetian Macao, an amenity casino beautiful Macau, China. Gambler’s most favorite casino in whole world. There is everything for everyone, even if you are not big fan of casino this casino will make you feel amazing. Approximately its 546,000 sq. feet boasts four themed gaming rooms, hotel suites, and a large entertainment complex making it a glamorous experience.


2nd in the list is The Bellaggio casino opened its doors for the world’s best casino lovers in Las Vegas in 1998. World’s well renowned casino expert Steve Wynn designed it, at a cost of round 88 million dollars. The grand complex have a lot to offer, in terms of its water fountains, exclusive fashion stores, galleries and multiple casinos. Ocean’s eleven the famous Hollywood movie also filmed here.

Bellaggio have more than 200 casino tables, more than 2000 slot machines and many other entertainment stuff like poker room and so on.

Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut

Foxwoods Casino is basically a resort casino, covering approximately 340,000 square feet to welcome worldwide gamblers. It activated its treasure in 1986, operative as a bingo hall. Foxwoods is not only offers an inspiring gambling experience, but also the resort is complete with 5 hotels, a wide restaurant selection and various entertainment activities.

Casino Porte – Macau, China

Interestingly, enough many of the world’s best casinos situated in Macau, China. China also has a great reputation over the internet for its majestic hospitality for Casinos. Many players from around the globe visiting Macau, every year to enjoy their large casinos. Porte covering approximately 270,000 sq. feet. Its amazing structure with the mixture of both cultures including east and west.

Casino-de-Charlevoix, Canada

One of the best name in casino world is “Casino-de-Charlevoix”. Casino-de-Charlevoix start its operating in 1994 and situated at river St. Lawrence. Casino offering many interesting and amazing games such as Poker, roulette, blackjack, mini-baccarat and 800 slots provide the income for the casino.